Monday, March 20, 2017

Emperor's New Clothes

My co-worker is the one to thank for suggesting pairing optical illusions with The Emperor's New Clothes. 


Opening song: Put your hands up high 

Opening rhyme: Hands go up 

Story: The Emperor's New Clothes by Karen Wallace and Francois Hall 

Song: Fairy Tale Song 
Tune: Jingle Bells 

Once upon a time 
In a land so far away 
A princess kissed a frog, 
Well that just made his day 

Far across the town 
Red Riding Hood took fright 
She found a wolf in Granny's bed 
When she told her good night! 

Fairy Tales! Fairy tales! 
Read them every day! 
Oh what fun it is to hear 
How Goldilocks got away! 

Fairy Tales! Fairy Tales! 
Full of joy and laughter 
Do you know how this one ends? 
Why it's happily ever after! 

Song: Hat Song 

On my head, I wear my hat  
It is such a silly hat  
that my head wiggle waggles to and fro  
Where else can my silly hat go?  

Place hat on other body parts and sing the song again. 

Source: Jbrary

Story: The Emperor's Old Clothes by Kathryn Lasky 

Activity: Optical illusions

Craft time: Thaumatropes and/or Fashion clothes for the emperor 

Final Story: Dinosaur's New Clothes by Diane Goode

Goodbye Song 

How it actually went: 

The stories went over well. Not surprisingly, the kids giggled at the sight of a naked or underwear-clad emperor. In The Emperor's Old Clothes, even though the focus is not on the emperor, he does make an appearance. The children were convinced that the emperor's chubby hip, was his butt and freaked out, cackling hysterically. Nothing I could say would convince them otherwise. 

I talked with the children a little bit about optical illusions. I printed a few examples out, and taped them to the wall. Let me tell you, if you haven't tried using optical illusions with kids, do it. Their minds were blown. I loved watching their reactions to the pictures. One of the pictures was designed to look as though the black dot in the center was growing. I could not get the children to believe me when I told them it wasn't actually growing. 

The thaumatropes were a lot of fun. I enjoyed seeing the pictures that the kids came up with. The children also had the option of creating clothes for the emperor. Some kids chose just one of the activities. Others did both. 

Have you used optical illusions in your storytimes? How did the children react?

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